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July 29th, 2014

iStock_000012274751Large-1024x805.jpgBoomerang, the messaging technology company, has launched its latest M2M software product boomAlert, designed to manage and improve communications in critical incidents.

Through automating, escalating and tracking all of the required communications, boomAlert ensures that those involved can access and acknowledge critical incident data. Multiple communication channels (email, SMS and voice) can be integrated into the incident management workflow. The software also allows organisations to manage how critical resources are directed – ensuring incidents are quickly identified and resolved.

boomAlert operates through a Web-based drag-and-drop cascade tool, which can be pre-configured to align with businesses’ incident management processes. A full audit trail for analytics and SLA measurement can also be provided across all incidents.

For transport situations, boomAlert can be deployed to receive signal failure notifications. A monitoring system could send an email or SMS to boomAlert in the event of a problem. The system will then alert the maintenance company and manage the repair process.

In the event that the maintenance company does not acknowledge the notification, boomAlert will trigger further escalations. The product can be used for road maintenance, alerting local councils, managing a public safety event, or managing an alert process for IT infrastructure. In a retail environment, it can be deployed to manage product recall workflow by automating and improving the communication reach.

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