Automate shift fulfilment and reduce operational costs to your business using SMS


May 24th, 2017

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Better communication means more efficient workflows, resulting in increased effectiveness.

Shift planning is a key element of business operations and requires efficient management to keep operating costs in check. Boomerang’s solution for workforce management is a proven tool that helps achieve greater shift planning efficiencies for any organisation.

Step by step process using 2 way SMS technology

  1. Issue a message containing details of a new shift
  2. Provide a reply capability for the worker to accept or reject the job
  3. Schedule in accepted shifts and issue a message confirming the details
  4. Automatically allocate rejected shifts to other temporary workers
  5. Allow workers to manage their shifts in real time
  6. Automatically manage the replacement if changes are made
  7. Provide log-on and log-off
  8. Manage last-minute changes and auto-sort resources based on who can attend soonest


Boomerang empowers scheduling software to automatically notify staff with the details of any new shifts, including an option to either accept or reject it. Any accepted shifts are automatically scheduled and assigned to the staff member(s) accepting, with an automated SMS notification triggered to other recipients advising that the shift has been taken. Any rejected shifts are automatically offered to a waiting list of other available staff until the required quotas have been filled. Prior to the shift, a reminder message is sent out thereby reducing both late attendance and DNAs.

The Benefits of using SMS for your business

  • Automate allocation of shifts to reduce operating costs
  • Allow temporary workers to claim shifts via SMS to improve employee satisfaction
  • Optimise efficiency and reduce quota of unfulfilled shifts
  • Ideal for temporary staff and availability groups
  • Quick and succinct audit trail showing the full SMS communications
  • Excellent efficiencies based on a first response basis
  • Dynamically manage the groups based on your criteria with multiple subgroups

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