Intelligent Turnkey Solution for Customer Facing Services


September 22nd, 2017

Our interactive digital messaging solution streamlines business operations, improves efficiency and reduces the cost of customer facing support services.  It provides choice for the customer and empowers an organisation to customise the workflows required to automatically manage those customer interactions.

With a read rate of 97% (90% within four minutes) SMS is a proven and trusted method of communication that reaches almost every adult on the planet. Boomerang’s end-to-end messaging solution leverages these benefits to ensure such communications are seamless, immediate and convenient.  The solution allows inbound requests to be effectively qualified or even resolved before being passed to the relevant business unit to engage with the customer as required.  It is also possible to prioritise urgent or critical requests requiring immediate attention.

Boomerang’s unique interactive builder interface lies at the heart of this new capability, driving automation into the management of customer-facing services whilst alleviating dependence on traditional lines of communication. The intelligent turnkey solution can be deployed immediately and there is no need for complex integration to incumbent systems. Furthermore, it can be accessed and utilised anywhere in the world and is underpinned by high grade, global messaging.


Key Capabilities & Benefits



  • Remove frustrations associated with other channels (telephone queues, lost emails etc.)
  • Avoid repletion and deliver a consistent approach to service support
  • Retention of pertinent information on a mobile device – easily accessible for future reference
  • Allow customers to respond at their convenience via a preferred channel
  • Issues can be resolved quickly using automated triage



  • Instant response to ensure compliance with SLA response times
  • Manage workload and prioritise incoming requests
  • Automated resolution of service issues – removing resource placed on contact centre)
  • Offer 24/7 service availability
  • Follow the sun operations with seamless transition of information between agents
  • Reduce operational overheads (training costs, reduction in number of active agents)
  • Deliver consistency of service and reduce resolution times by working with qualified information

Maintain regulatory compliance and audibilityz (e.g. SOX, FCA)



  • Access to intuitive interface for building end-to end communication flows
  • Short codes or long SMS numbers available across a range of global destinations
  • Multiple keywords available to route inbound requests for different services
  • Multi-layer ‘conversation’ flows with unlimited response options
  • Hot-key selections for immediate divert of urgent or critical requests
  • International SMS messages delivered from a number local to the recipient
  • Automated reports triggered to specified recipient groups based on time of day
  • Reports providing access to detailed ‘Q&A’ for agents to analyse
  • Automatic management of 2-way messages irrespective of the destination



  • Graphical User Interface
  • MS Dynamic CRM Plug-in
  • Email Client


Example Use Cases

Time-critical response

– Request for critical information / updates

  • Natural disasters
  • Public health scares

Support services
– Pre-sales support requests
– Service support tickets
– Service status updates

– Satisfaction surveys
– Quality of Service (QoS)
– Opinion polls

Social Awareness & Public Safety
– Suspicious behaviour
– Suspect packages
– Animal welfare
– Lone working
– Hazards on public roads & motorways

General enquiries
– Opt-in (services, subscriptions, information updates etc.)
– Query (hours of business, office/store locations etc.)
– Request specialist information
– Access FAQs

Public services

– Graffiti
– Uncollected bins
– Licensing laws compromised
– Fly-tipping

Customer Facing Services

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