One to many with intelligent messaging


May 31st, 2017


Tetra Today Magazine One to many with intelligent messaging

Boomerang’s CEO Peter Tanner discusses how 2-Way automated SMS systems are helping organisations handle major incidents and easily communicate at scale.

There is relentless pressure on businesses to reduce overheads and focus heavily on customer experience management. Boomerang creates flexibility and choice by allowing end-users to engage across a range of preferred communication channels, which drives far greater traction and immediacy of response.

Boomerang delivers individual and bulk one-way and two-way messaging in the normal way. Our USP however, is what we call ‘intelligent two-way messaging’, which uses our ‘threading’ technology. We guarantee that all responses are always matched to their associated outbound message, creating a great opportunity to automate processes while delivering a seamless experience for the end-user.


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