How to utilise CRM technology to ensure customers keep coming back


May 21st, 2014

MP900438629If anyone needed re-affirming on the potential of CRM technology, then Gartner’s recent forecast most certainly accomplished that.

The forecast states that ‘CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years’ and its prediction that CRM software revenue will reach $23.9* million this year is indicative of the continued potential for the technology.


CRM has the ability to transform the way in which organisations manage their communications and workflow processes but despite years of investment, few organisations are truly seizing these opportunities to enhance the customer experience further.

Many businesses have made substantial investments in both hardware and software development to help their business processes run effectively but have, to date, focused on how they target customer interaction and latterly how they can extract specific data against a customer.

Instead, there is a huge opportunity to revolutionise customer engagement by building in cohesive, automated, two-way communication. This will offer customers a choice of communication method whether that is email, text, push notifications, social media or a phone call. This also ensures that the business can engage in effective dialogue through any and all of these channels.

In order to make that choice truly effective, the last line of communication must be dealt with by automating the workflow within the CRM system. This ensures a positive experience for the customer whilst also capturing the response with the CRM system to maintain that single customer view.

By integrating an automated, two-way communication solution within the CRM workflow, appointment confirmations or jobs being issued can be managed seamlessly, really transforming customer service whilst also increasing business efficiency and reducing operational cost.

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