Jessica Parrington-Jackson – In the hot seat


October 9th, 2014

For over two years, Jessica Parrington-Jackson (Jess) has played a key role within the Boomerang™ team. As the In-house Graphic Designer, Jess is responsible for the design and creation of Boomerang’s visual and corporate communications, including the website.

As a graduate of Falmouth University, with a degree in Graphic Design, Jess loves using the skills she has gained to help visually communicate the ability of Boomerang’s market leading technology. This is a challenge she enjoys immensely.



Full Name?

Jessica Parrington-Jackson

Job Role?

In-house Graphic Designer

Favourite Colour?


Tea or Coffee?


 iPhone or Android?

Always iPhone

What is your favourite thing about working for Boomerang?

I really enjoy the design work I do for Boomerang – helping to effectively represent such pioneering technology is very rewarding. Our core-patented technologies are new to the market, so it really pushes the boundaries of corporate communications. The support I give to new customers and helping those people achieve their goals is also something I find very satisfying.

If you didn’t work at Boomerang what would you be doing?

I’d be surfing; preferably somewhere warm with good waves like Byron Bay (Australia). Failing that I’d be taking pictures in a similar location as that is something I also enjoy in my spare time.

 What is going to be your next holiday destination?


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