Agilent Technologies talks to us about their use of ‘open ticket’ SMS technology


October 1st, 2014

Agilent Technologies, the world’s premiere measuring company, has chosen to use Boomerang’s powerful messaging tools to manage complex daily communications between the back office and field engineers to ensure that all tasks are monitored and status’ are updated regularly. We spoke to Stephen Edwards, EMEA Project Manager at Agilent Technologies, about how using Boomerang’s solutions has improved their daily operations.

As both a supplier and supporter of measurement instrumentation, it is not only critical that the instruments work to the highest standards, but also that accurate and timely workforce scheduling is in place to support the instruments. The Boomerang tools use innovative patented ‘threading’ technology to bring automation into our business process, which really helps us to maintain strong, responsive and traceable communications with field-based engineers.

Although we had already previously favoured SMS as our method of communication, we found that with the increasing size of our workforce, there were simply too many engineers to contact individually and manual database updates were also too complex to manage effectively and economically with the volume of messages that were being sent and received daily. We soon realised that Boomerang was the solution that we needed due to their unique patented, dynamic, two-way, messaging technology.

Boomerang’s intelligent messaging technology allows us to harness the mass medium of SMS to automate the management of workflow through database communication. With Boomerang, we now have the ability to communicate with our field-based engineers across Europe and India, allowing engineers to update live database records via SMS, automatically triggering key actions.

Thanks to Boomerang’s technology, we have been able to save time and money from no longer having to manually send engineers SMS messages. This has in turn reduced the amount of calls being made to engineers due to the automated processes; freeing up staff time and increasing efficiency throughout the process. With the use of Boomerang’s ‘open ticket’ SMS feature, our engineers can now provide immediate status updates on each job, creating real time visibility of the services provided to each customer and also the outcome of the task. Additionally, with the use of the ‘open ticket’ SMS functionality, a database is automatically updated with a live record, which means that all staff can see the status of each project on a daily basis.

Boomerang really was the only software that we could find in the market that uses unique ‘open ticket’ SMS technology to manage all database updates and subsequent actions automatically. Using Boomerang solutions has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of communications with approximately 400 of our engineers working across Europe, and as a result, the engineers have the ability to offer a greater customer experience.

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