A New Way of Looking at 2-Way SMS Messaging


March 1st, 2017

Traditionally, organisations have used 3rd party applications to send predominantly bulk SMS messages to internal and external stakeholders. However, implementation challenges and the lack of compliance often outweighs the convenience that can be delivered by SMS communication.

boomMail enables an organisation to manage both bulk and singular 2-Way conversational SMS and Voice messages directly from each user’s email client, removing the need for software and eliminating the complexity and cost of third-party applications along with the associated training and management. Crucially, it records all 2-Way transactions allowing any organisation to maintain corporate governance and fulfil SOX/FCA compliance.


boomMail Service

Simple and Efficient On-Boarding

  • No 3rd party software
  • No user training (access the service from any device that runs email)
  • Instant roll-out to a widespread user-base
  • No development or management of proprietary code
  • No fixed inbound number required per user (substantially reducing running costs)
  • Automatic international number management for 2-Way messages
  • Control and manage features


Flexible Messaging Solution

  • 1-Way and 2-Way messaging
  • Bulk messaging using Excel or CSV attachments
  • Compatible with email client contacts and distribution groups
  • Send international messages from a number local to the recipient (reducing cost of replies and protecting Brand)
  • Compatible with inbound messaging campaigns (short code or long number)
  • End-user initiated inbound messages automatically pushed to relevant user
  • Dynamically change the sender ID associated with a message
  • Works in conjunction with boomCast for outbound SMS and Voice campaigns


Unique Feature Set

  • Validate message for inappropriate content
  • Auto-remove standard email signatures
  • Order messages by their respective “conversational” thread
  • Append fixed disclaimer content to all messages
  • Control message character limits
  • Access a range of exclusive numbers


Governance and Compliance

  • End-user opt-in and ‘STOP’ commands managed automatically
  • Audit trail of all 1-Way and 2-Way transactional message data and full reporting
  • Achieves compliance with local regulatory requirements (e.g Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX))
  • Secured via IP address, email domain or per email addresses
  • Access to real-time message delivery and service status notifications
  • Itemised invoices listing activity by users’ email addresses
  • Tier 1 messaging and redundancy across multiple message carriers
  • Redundant infrastructure with multi-site failover, achieving 5×9 service availability


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