Managing by Exception


March 13th, 2014

When it comes to organising a companies communication methods used in critical situations, there are many different management strategies you can adopt. One of the most important decisions you can make is what type of approach you’ll take on in regards to communication, escalation and alerting. For many businesses, managing by exception is the perfect way to intelligently allocate resources to save time and expenses. Here are the main advantages:


Not Broken… Neither Was the Horse & Cart

Even if everything is running as normal and results are being achieved, there is still the need to find out more and ensure that the procedures in place are achieving the best results. Developing and streamlining procedures can provide efficiency gains, like time and money. Allowing for greater interactions with customers, staff and partners, helping develop relationships and ensuring your organisation stays ahead.

Forethought & Development

By Future proofing business procedures you help staff to achieve targets quickly and easily. Coming up with shortcuts that save time and money without jeopardising the end results, requires an understanding of what your end goal is and having the forethought to look at the most advanced methods this can be achieve.

We all have a lot we need to focus on. By developing and streamlining processes to be automated allows organisations to manage by exception, meaning the only time you need to step in to execute a task or workflow, is when there is an exceptional circumstance that can’t be dealt with normally. Allowing management to focuse on improving the department and make better overall systems, freeing up time, money and resources.

Automate the Routine

By utilising SMS messaging to automate and manage routine tasks organisations can automate more workflow than was ever thought possible. For example organisations can monitor devices and assets that can in turn automate workflow if an action is required. For example notifying the relevant recovery teams of a car braking down in a tunnel, servers over-heating or recalling a product. This allows for the elimination of tasks like sending reminders and prompting people, to name just a few. Overall dramatically improve the way your business works.

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