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July 21st, 2014

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Alan Dye, Sales and Marketing

Director, Boomerang

SMS remains the most penetrative messaging channel of the modern era – yet many businesses still fail to leverage its rich potential. One statistic to point to the yield of SMS is that the average open rate for an SMS message is a whopping 98%. So how can businesses in almost every industry use SMS to transform processes, drive efficiencies and enhance the customer experience?

Traditionally, whilst SMS has provided companies with cost-effective and instant mass messaging capabilities, the approach has been hamstrung by an inherent inability to correlate multiple outbound messages with specific responses; preventing the messaging from having any integration with associated business processes.

These limitations have been laid to rest by the introduction of Boomerang’s innovative ‘threading’ technology. With threading, every inbound message can be automatically matched to outbound messages and the technology integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

Threading can play a major role in helping companies address key strategic objectives and respond to critical business drivers – benefiting both customers and employees alike. With the advent of threading, businesses can, for example, automate processes for managing field engineer schedules with customers. A simple integration into a CRM will allow automated workflow processes to manage engineer appointments, update customers and even deliver a customer satisfaction survey immediately after the engineer visit. Scheduling customer visits through threaded SMS enables the customer to change the date without the need for Contact Centre Agent involvement. The ROI is significant, as your business will require less resource to manage a field force, manage the customer and deliver the customer service that is expected in todays competitive market…

Furthermore, Boomerang’s new communication solution, boomAlert™ enables more effective resource management, duty of care compliance and significant operational savings. In the midst of critical incidents, it helps to automate, escalate and track all of the required communications essential to the success of each incident.

During critical incidents, boomAlert™ integrates multiple communication channels (email, SMS and voice) into the incident management workflow; ensuring all relevant stakeholders can access and acknowledge the data. In doing so, boomAlert™ also provides a full audit trail for reporting analytics and SLA measurement across all incidents.boomAlert can be triggered using our cloud based GUI or remotely via SMS and email. This means a monitor alert appliance can trigger boomAlert allowing you to manage the whole incident by exception.

Failure to address these important areas in line with the changing paradigm of business communication could be damaging – it’s time to experience the Joy of Text.

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