SMS for Business: Get Noticed, Make Money and Create Happy Customers


February 19th, 2014

When it comes to making an impact with your business communications, SMS is one of the best formats out there. Think about it: if you get an email or listen to a radio/ TV advert, it can be immediately ignored or sent to your junk box.

But people react to text messages in a very different way, according to a Morgan Stanley study: 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7. So how can this be used to improve your business? Here are some innovative ideas to get you started:

business SMS

Send a Text

Did you know that 99% of all text messages are opened? When you compare that to 35% of all emails being opened, simply sending a text could help you reach over 60% more of your target audience. Many modern smartphones have features that display the text message content before the SMS itself is opened, meaning that the basic information can still be noticed even if it’s not opened. This is a great way to market your services or weekly deals to customers and potential leads.

Provide News and Notifications

If you need to get important information out to your entire company quickly, then SMS is the perfect platform. It is much faster than individually calling and is more likely to be picked up and read than an email. Figures show that 90% of texts messages are read within 3 minutes of being received, making them ideal for sending time-conscious company news and emergency notifications.

SMS Coupons

Want to give your customers a voucher that they won’t forget to bring with them? Send your loyal patrons a text voucher! Not only are these ‘greener’ than paper coupons, but because they are accessible through mobile phones, there is a higher rate of conversion. Marketing to on the go, mobile customers is perfect for high street shops or restaurants.

Customer Service

Keeping in touch with your customers and providing them with quick, convenient access to you is a great way of boosting public opinion and providing your clients with greater control over their experience. This doesn’t have to be a difficult, time consuming process.  In fact, thanks to modern technology you can send purchase information through SMS and provide inbound numbers to automate processes based on unique responses. By including customer reference numbers, customer service and time and date then they can go back to this and use the inbound number to request further service. Two-way conversations or satisfaction surveys can follow, keeping the whole exchange in the familiar SMS channel that saves both the customer and your business precious time.

There are many different uses for SMS in business; these are just a few examples of how it can be effectively used in both internal and external communications. Find out more about the innovative SMS services we offer for your sector.

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