In order to be truly effective, multi-channel CRM must rely on an automated business workflow, according to Peter Tanner, CEO of Boomerang.Of course, modern businesses cannot assume that customers want to reach them by phone only, and nor do they. But why give a customer the option of texting or emailing the business when they have a query, if they then have to wait for a call from someone at a call centre?It is all well and good saying, “give customers lots of choice about communication” but why don’t we also improve the method of how we manage those communications?

For many of us, our mobiles are now an integral part of everyday life. They never leave our sides and if they do, it isn’t for long. Mobiles are our main source of internet research, social media and our morning alarm, so with phones playing such a large part in our lives it seems obvious to optimise your marketing for mobile. The following companies have experimented with SMS mobile marketing and found great success. Could you take a leaf out of their book?

Young businessmanThis year we have seen some very creative uses of SMS as a marketing and promotional tool. American Express used SMS to create the first interactive billboard across central London train stations, members of the public are invited to send an SMS containing their name to "London's Insider Tip Generator" to receive a personalised message on a billboard. The message will suggest ways they can make the most of their time in London. It will also be sent to the user in SMS form. The campaign is a part of American Express's 'Realise the Potential' campaign.