Managing IT Resource

Efficient resource management within a flexible working culture

Many service driven models in the technology sector require a rapid ramp up of resource to fulfill contractual obligations.``The emergence of short-term, flexible contracts and temporary consultants working across the technology sector has created a real headache for the finance departments trying to chase down the right information to manage these resources correctly and allocate costs against specific projects.

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Manageing IT resource

`` Gathering time & attendance information from freelance employees ``

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Boomerang’s messaging solution for workforce management ensures workers are automatically prompted for the required information, and can provide it, by simply responding to an email or text message. Workers are no longer faced with the inconvenience of being driven online to upload their working hours to a website or portal, only to find they have forgotten their password.

Benefits to your business

Increase engagement by prompting for required information

Minimise manual administration requirement to reduce operating costs

Reduce effort required by worker, increasing satisfaction

Example Applications

Job notifications

Time & Attendance for Freelancers

Communications with temporary consultants & contractors

Project status updates

Interdepartmental Communications

Salary payment notifications


  • Enhancing The Capability Of Existing Software Solution

  • Supporting critical IT Infrastructure

  • Managing IT Resource

  • Technology Development

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