Streamlining Collections & Replenishment


Validate replenishment orders and automate collections

Recurring orders are a stable source of revenues for retailers. However, if not managed correctly they represent a headache.

Streamlining Collections & Replenishment

Retailers can be burdened with uncollected replenishment orders, leaving stock rooms full and a layer of administration trying to contact the customer. Using Boomerang’s messaging solution, a message is sent to the customer prior to the replenishment date requesting order approval. The customer’s confirmation response triggers the fulfillments process and payment issuing a final message to the customer when the goods are ready to collect.”


  • Automate order approvals to remove manual burden
  • Reduction in uncollected products saving valuable storage space
  • Improve inventory management by reducing uncollected products
  • Improves customer satisfaction through potential cost savings and regular reminders


  • Subscription Renewals
  • Click & Collect Shopping
  • Post office collections

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