Product Recall Management

Maintain brand integrity and minimise product risk

While product recalls are never a good thing for any brand, the way the recall process is managed and executed can make a big difference to both the brand and the customer.

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Product recall management

`` Product recall to customers advising of faulty product ``

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Boomerang’s Incident Management solution is a reliable communication tool that allows brands to quickly react to an incident and navigate the internal escalation process in a swift and structured manner. The customer is contacted almost instantly, reducing the risk associated with a faulty product. Through this automated solution, the message to the customer is clear as well as the response from the customer.

Benefits to your business

Minimise customer risk by reducing recall response times

Limit reputational damage by quickly responding to customers and media

Manage follow-up of outstanding activities by exception

Streamline management of future recall situations using critical reporting data

Improve navigation of internal escalation process

Example Applications

Catalogue Retailers

Electrical Goods Manufacturers & Retailers

Alarm Installation and check ups


  • Optimising staff fulfilment

  • Improving 'Online' fulfilment

  • Streamlining Collections & Replenishment

  • Product recall management

  • Promotional Engagement

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