Product Recall Management


Maintain brand integrity and minimise product risk

While product recalls are never a good thing for any brand, the way the recall process is managed and executed can make a big difference to both the brand and the customer.

Product Recall Management

Boomerang’s Incident Management solution is a reliable communication tool that allows brands to quickly react to an incident and navigate the internal escalation process in a swift and structured manner. The customer is contacted almost instantly, reducing the risk associated with a faulty product. Through this automated solution, the message to the customer is clear as well as the response from the customer.


  • Minimise customer risk by reducing recall response times.
  • Limit reputational damage by quickly responding to customers and media.
  • Manage follow-up of outstanding activities by exception.
  • Streamline management of future recall situations using critical reporting data.
  • Improve navigation of internal escalation process.


  • Catalogue Retailers
  • Electrical Goods Manufacturers & Retailers
  • Alarm Installation and check ups

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