Service Disruption

Automate short notice rescheduling to minimise the cost and inconvenience of short-notice changes

How an organisation manages disruptions or short-notice changes to the services it provides is paramount. It is crucial that organisations can efficiently manage any disruption to a scheduled activity and to limit its impact upon a customer.

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Service desruption

`` Customer notification regarding flight cancellation and rescheduling of flight ``

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Boomerang’s messaging solution for incident management allows organisations to respond quickly to notify customers of unforeseen events and to offer immediate solutions. Where an incident is likely to impact a scheduled activity, an SMS message is triggered to the customer advising that the activity is subject to change. Crucially this message provides the customer with alternatives to select from, instantly providing the ability to re-schedule without the frustration of waiting in busy contact centre queues.

This proactive approach allows organisations to massively reduce the administrative burden and to maintain brand integrity, when confronted with such service disruption.

Benefits to your business

Minimise the impact of service disruption and reputational damage

Automate re-scheduling to alleviate the impact on internal resources

Empower the customer to select alternatives from a mobile device

Rapidly notify customers of disruption

Deliver a pro-active service approach when faced with disruption

Example Applications

Travel Disruptions

Appointment Cancellations

Weather alerts

Hospitality & Leisure

  • Shift Planning & Management

  • Appointments Bookings & Reservations

  • Service Disruption

  • Fast Tracking Payments

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