Optimising Staff Fulfilment

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Shift planning is a key element of a business’ operations and requires efficient management to keep operating costs in check.

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Optimising staff fulfilment

`` Retail manager needs to fill 50 available shifts from pool of 120 staff ``

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Boomerang empowers scheduling software to automatically notify staff with the details of any new shifts, including an option to either accept or reject it. Any accepted shifts are automatically scheduled and assigned to the staff member(s) accepting, with an automated notification triggered to other recipients advising that shift has been taken.  Any rejected shifts are automatically offered to a waiting list of other available staff until the required quotas have been filled. Prior to the shift, a reminder message is sent out, reducing both late attendance and DNAs.

Benefits to your business

Drive down operating costs using fewer resources to manage shift planning

Minimise instances of late attendance and Did Not Attend (DNA)

Optimise staff fulfillment and limit the risk (and cost) of over-staffing

Improve employee satisfaction through increase in extra work opportunities

Increased employer satisfaction through faster shift fulfillment

Example Applications

Facility Management

Cleaning Staff

Security Guards

Temporary workers

Distributed workforce

Business Unit Notifications and Instructions


  • Optimising staff fulfilment

  • Improving 'Online' fulfilment

  • Streamlining Collections & Replenishment

  • Product recall management

  • Promotional Engagement

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