Improving ‘Online’ Fulfilment

Integrating the customer into your delivery process

The delivery phase is a critical element of any customer's online shopping experience. Online retailers must offer a seamless, hassle free experience to generate repeat business and entice customers away from the high street.

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Improving 'online' fulfilment

`` Rescheduling of courier delivery for online order ``

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Boomerang’s Intelligent Messaging allows customers to easily manage the delivery dates and time.  A reminder message is sent prior to as well as on the day of delivery, giving the option to respond to reschedule or to authorise that the consignment is left with a neighbour.  Furthermore, the courier optimises its delivery schedule and avoids the unnecessary cost associated to missed deliveries.

Benefits to your business

Limit instances of failed deliveries by offering the ability to re-schedule

Allow the customer to automate re-scheduling by responding to a message - reduce the cost of manual intervention

Optimise staff fulfillment and limit the risk (and cost) of over-aAllow the customer to manage the delivery schedule to improve satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction through regular updates and more precise delivery slots

Example Applications

Courier Deliveries

Goods Tracking

Food deliveries


  • Optimising staff fulfilment

  • Improving 'Online' fulfilment

  • Streamlining Collections & Replenishment

  • Product recall management

  • Promotional Engagement

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Relevant Solution

  • Deliveries

    Reducing the costs associated to ‘missed’ deliveries

  • Replenishment and Collection

    Eliminating ‘unwanted’ collections

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