Supporting Critical IT & Technology

Using multi-channel automation to minimise the impact and cost of service disruption

The availability of IT systems and real-time information is critical to operations across healthcare. The inability to access resources or communicate real-time information can have devastating financial and operational impact, spiraling rapidly with each passing minute.

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Supporting critical IT & technology

`` Server Room fault. One engineer required to resolve issue. ``

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Boomerang’s Incident Management solution has been developed to limit the frequency of disruption to core systems (by escalating warnings) and to help restore service as quickly as possible in the event of any failure. Service warnings and outage notifications are used to trigger communications to the technical engineers best equipped to deal with a specific type of problem, using preferred communication channels to reach them.

Engineers are prompted to provide updates on progress ensuring that time critical information can be instantly relayed to key stakeholders.

Benefits to your business

Minimise down time by automating the allocation of resources to resolve outages

Reduce appointment backlog and waiting times caused by service downtime

Use warning notifications to address potential problems, reducing full outages

Eliminate the cost of SLA penalties by automating notifications to stakeholders

Improve service KPIs

Example Applications

Monitoring IT infrastructure

Monitoring medical equipment – e.g. fridge and freezer temperatures

Temporary / short-term nursing staff

Project based working


  • Automate Appointment Management

  • Financial Control For Flexible Working

  • Supporting Critical IT & Technology

  • Improving Patient Engagement

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