Shift Planning & Management

Automating shift fulfilment to reduce operational costs

A specialist in the management and allocation of ad-hoc shift work to its bank of temporary workers used a team of staff to manage the allocation of shifts. SMS notifications (triggered manually from a ‘scheduling’ application) and telephone calls were used as the primary means of contact but were proving costly and shift-occupancy was failing to reach the targeted level.

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Step 1

Issue a message containing details of a new shift

Step 2

Include an option for the temporary worker to accept or reject it

Step 3

Schedule in accepted shifts and issue a message confirming the details

Step 4

Automatically allocate rejected shifts to other temporary workers

Accepted shifts are automatically scheduled and rejected shifts offered to the remaining bank of workers. This has enabled ‘occupancy’ targets to be reached, and by automating the entire process, no longer requires a team of staff on the telephone.

Benefits to your business

Automate allocation of shifts to reduce operating costs

Allow temporary workers to claim shifts to improve employee satisfaction

Optimise effieicy and reduce quota of unfulfilled shift

Example Applications

Temporary nursing staff (Hospitals, Care homes)

Cleaning staff

Bar staff

Restaurant staff (Waiters, Waitresses)

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