Business Continuity

Automate communications remotely to fulfill duty of care and keep business moving

An organisation evaluating the business impact of a major incident in one of its primary locations, established that the length of time taken to resume normal operations, was due to its inability to quickly communicate critical information to staff. In addition, the lack of visibility into the real-time status of the incident prevented the Incident Operations team focusing on the real-areas of need, as feedback from staff was gathered manually by telephone.

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Step 1

Remotely trigger message ‘blast’ across multiple communication channels to impacted staff

Step 2

Request a response to confirm safety

Step 3

Concentrate efforts on reaching non-respondents

Step 4

Send follow-up messages issuing further instructions remotely requesting acknowledgment of receipt and action

Boomerang’s multi-channel communications platform has been incorporated into subsequent testing of the Business Continuity Plan.  The Incident Co-ordinator activates the pre-defined communication flow by submitting an SMS messaging containing a unique reference aligned to a specific location.  This triggers an alert sent over SMS, email and voice to all staff in the specified location, providing instructions relating to the incident and requesting a response to acknowledge receipt of the instructions.  The Incident Co-ordinator then receives scheduled incident updates, containing details of the personnel that have failed to respond allowing the Operations team to focus on restoring normal service.

Benefits to your business

Reduce incident resolution timescales by automating communication remotely

Provide incident managers with real-time visibility into incident progress

Streamline the process of accounting for staff safety using exception reports

Evaluate performance

Example Applications

Business incidents

Duty of care compliance

Testing business continuity plans

Incident Management

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