Appointments, Bookings and Collections

Automating booking fulfillment to maximise occupancy

An organisation using Reservation software to manage bookings for access to its facilities, was failing to optimise attendance and occupancy. Customers creating new bookings via the company website often failed to cancel a booking if unable to attend, leaving facilities under used or occupied . This posed several problems – the cost to the organisation, other customers being denied the opportunity to access the unused facilities and customers were also penalised for failing to cancel a booking in sufficient time.

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Step 1

Issue a reminder message prior to booking

Step 2

Allow an end user to respond to cancel

Step 3

Use content of response to cancel the booking

Step 4

Notify the cancellation to the end user

Step 5

Issue the vacant booking slot to a waiting list

Introducing Boomerang’s patented SMS technology has helped to streamline the reservation management process, saving  the organisation time and money and making the cancellation process far more accessible to customers.

An SMS message is now sent 24 hours prior to the event, serving as a reminder and containing an option to cancel if the customer cannot attend. Where a cancellation response is returned, availability is then offered to a waiting list of other customers, on a ‘first come first served’, based on the order of applications submitted via the website.

Benefits to your business

Automatically allocate cancellations to waiting list to reduce the cost of manual intervention

Improved customer experience – providing ability for customers to have more flexibility when scheduling their requirements

Proactive notifications advising customer when orders ready for collection
Reduced administrative costs – automating scheduling workflows reduces administration costs

Business Optimisation – automation speeds up processes and enables transactions to be completed

Stakeholder penetration: Increase opportunity of reaching customers across multi channels - Email, SMS and Voice

Example Applications

Meeting room hire

Facilities hire

Restaurant reservations

Equipment hire

Dynamic Scheduling

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