Promotional Engagement

A key pillar of customer engagement is the ability to understand your customer and to be able to quickly target them with relevant promotional activity.

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Promotional engagement

`` Promotional Marketing campaign to all subscribers with discount offer


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SMS messaging provides the penetration to engage effectively and achieve this proximity. However as communication is largely 1-way, layered interaction is limited. Boomerang’s messaging solution for customer experience management allows time critical promotions to be claimed or vouchers to be redeemed by responding to an SMS.

Analysis of the types of activities a customer is responding to helps to build a more accurate profile for future promotional activity.

Benefits to your business

Greater customer engagement through easier and faster communication

Brand awareness through regular updates with higher delivery rate

Personalised interaction through customer preference and location

Example Applications

Clearance Sales

New product launches

Loyal Customers

Seasonal Discounts

Time critical promotions / marketing


  • Optimising staff fulfilment

  • Improving 'Online' fulfilment

  • Streamlining Collections & Replenishment

  • Product recall management

  • Promotional Engagement

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