General & Administrative Announcements

Help maintain a happy and informed workforce

Informing personnel of administrative or social information is a vital component maintaining personnel morale and productivity.

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General & administrative announcements

`` Requesting confirmation of availability from 150 officers for social event ``

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Organisations within Government departments such as Military and Police rely heavily on maintaining their personnel’s focus and interest. Boomerang’s solution for broadcast and receipt product is a proven tool that helps achieve greater efficiency and speedier responses to administrative and social situations. Following the initial announcement, by using threading technology, follow-up messages are made easy to track and monitor.

Benefits to your business

Increases staff situational awareness

Allows coordination of peripheral logistics.

Example Applications

Informing staff

Polling staff


  • High Readiness Workforce

  • Specialist skill-sets on call

  • Business continuity

  • General and Administrative Announcements

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