Business Continuity

Reducing down-time

Alerting personnel in an emergency is vital to high tempo organisations within Government departments such as Military and Police.

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Business continuity

`` Business Continuity - coordinating the evacuation and movement of staff to secondary site ``

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Boomerang’s solution for personnel Business Continuity and crisis management is a proven tool that helps achieve greater efficiency and speedier responses to time critical situations. Following an activation, if the situation changes and personnel are not required to react, then messages can be sent in a timely manner in order to prevent unnecessary wastes of time.

Benefits to your business

Improves reaction time

Reduces staff ‘down-time’

Increases staff situational awareness

Allows coordination of peripheral logistics

Maintains tempo of work

Improves recovery time from disaster

Example Applications

Reassigning staff during Business

Continuity situations

Maintaining Situational Awareness


  • High Readiness Workforce

  • Specialist skill-sets on call

  • Business continuity

  • General and Administrative Announcements

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