Fast Tracking Payments

Add real service value by empowering customers to transact remotely

Leaving customers with a positive experience is critical for organsiations competing in the leisure sector. Adding something different to service quality can often make a real difference in gaining customer loyalty and their repeat business.

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Fast tracking payments

`` Express Checkout Service for hotel guests ``

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Boomerang’s messaging solutions for Customer Experience Management help to simplify the interactions between an organisation and its customers by empowering the customer to transact remotely. For example, prior to check out, a chain of hotels sends its guests a check out reminder message, including a remote check out option. By responding to the message the customer receives a summary of the charges associated to the stay and responds again to accept the charges.

To avoid unnecessary waiting time, a car rental firm has a ‘Quick-deposit’ scheme, which allows customers to leave their vehicles having first accepted the rental charges via an SMS message.

Benefits to your business

Reduce waiting time and queues by completing transactions remotely

Improve operational efficiency by freeing up reception staff to improve query handling

Reduce instances of customers exceeding their stay / rental period

Reduce theft, fraud and unauthorised entry

Increase satisfaction by empowering the customer to transact remotely

Example Applications

Express Checkout

Avoiding bank fraud abroad

Pay for parking with a text

Hospitality & Leisure

  • Shift Planning & Management

  • Appointments Bookings & Reservations

  • Service Disruption

  • Fast Tracking Payments

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