Appointments, Bookings & Reservations

Hospitality & Leisure

Extend automation into bookings to streamline fulfilment

The management of reservations and bookings is at the core of the hospitality industry. Organisations serving the hospitality and leisure sector must optimise the utilisation of its assets to stay competitive.

Messaging System

Unrecognised input!

SMS Message

A text has been sent to the chosen audience

SMS Sent

Restaurant receives confirmation from customer

Cancel Sent

The user submits request to cancel the reservation

Change Request

Triggers reply redirecting customer to booking

Appointments, Bookings & Reservations

Organisations must be flexible and have efficient and dynamic business systems that allow them to adapt. Boomerang’s technology helps to achieve this by streamlining the management of reservations and bookings. Each booking generates an SMS message prior to the scheduled date, serving as a reminder and includes an option for the customer to cancel.

Where a cancellation response is returned, the vacant slot is the trigger for a new message advertising this to a waiting list containing other customers. This not only saves time and money for the organisation but also makes the cancellation process far more accessible to customers.


  • Maximise occupancy and reduce the costs of vacant slots.
  • Reduce the administrative burden and free-up resources.
  • Provide real time customer updates on the reservation system.
  • Empower customers to cancel bookings from their mobile device.
  • Optimise assets by proactively reallocating bookings before reaching last minute cancellation.


  • Event tickets and confirmations
  • Restaurant bookings
  • On-the-go updates for parcel deliveries & collections
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Travel tickets and reminders

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