Optimising Cost To Serve


Increase sales conversion whilst reducing overheads via automation

In a target driven environment, it is vital to focus on opportunities providing the best chance of delivering results.

Optimising Cost To Serve

Using Boomerang’s interactive mobile messaging enables promotional activity to be quickly distributed to an existing customer base, offering a reply option to register interest. Where a face-to-face meeting is required with the customer, a message containing a set of appointment dates is sent to the customer by SMS, allowing the customer to reply to select their preferred date and time. A reminder message is sent prior to the appointment, including a reply option to cancel the appointment. In the event of a cancellation, a set of alternative dates is automatically issued and the appointment schedule is updated.


  • Increase sales conversion rates by targeting qualified customers and prospects.
  • Reduce the cost of missed appointments and late attendance.
  • Automate appointment scheduling to reduce operating costs.
  • Allow customers to cancel and re-schedule via SMS, avoiding call queues.


  • Current account add-ons and new current accounts
  • Insurance discounts and renewal quotes
  • Insurance discounts and renewal quotes
  • Discounted loan rates
  • Credit cards, balance transfers

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