Adding Service Value and Security


Preventing fraud and automating approval of 'blocked' transactions

Given the importance of customer retention in a highly competitive market, creating a competitive advantage is crucial.

Adding Service Value and Security

Boomerang’s messaging solutions bring additional value to different financial service offerings in the market, by empowering the customer with information and control. Boomerang can help to automate notifications by SMS or Email providing important real-time information such as balance updates or and payment reminders. Notifications of individual transactions may also be triggered to help a customer to quickly identify any suspicious activity on their account. Where legitimate transactions are blocked, Boomerang notifies the customer, whilst also offering a reply so that the customer verified and complete transactions from their mobile device.


  • Provide important account information to help customers manage finances.
  • Tighten account security using transaction notifications.
  • Speed up authentication of blocked transactions to allow completion during purchase.
  • Empower the customer to easily unblock transactions.
  • Apply the required ‘layers’ of security based on specific transactions using multiple messages.


  • Current account transactions
  • Credit card transactions
  • Trading / Brokerage account transactions

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