Time & Attendance

Engaging employees to automate the management of annual leave requests

An organisation using a market leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage annual leave requests, found employees were failing to use the software, due to both access issues and lack of training. This prevented the organisation from accurately tracking both attendance and leave requests, as employees were bypassing the required process.

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Step 1

Provide SMS number to which employees submit annual leave requests

Step 2

SMS issued to employees line manager to approve / reject the request

Step 3

Outcome issued as an SMS to the employee

Employees now submit an annual leave request by SMS from their mobile device to number provided by Boomerang which is pushed directly into the ERP system. Each request triggers a further SMS to the employee’s line manager for approval, and a final SMS is sent to the employee advising of the outcome (based on the line manager’s response of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’).

Automating this process has drastically improved its overall efficiency and in doing so, saved thousands of man-hours.”

Benefits to your business

Automate management of annual leave requests to reduce operating costs

Streamline the approval process to save management time

Increase employee engagement with required processes

Example Applications

Any organisation wishing to automate the management of annual leave requests to save critical employee time

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