Replenishment and Collection

Eliminating 'unwanted' collections

An organisation offering its customers an auto-replenishment ordering service saw an accumulation of uncollected orders. As such, the replenishment process was modified to ensure customers would approve each order before processing it. Customers were then contacted by email and telephone to gain approval for the order, which necessitated a dedicated team of staff to manage it.

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Step 1

Issue a replenishment order reminder to the end user

Step 2

Include an option to approve or reject order renewal

Step 3

Use the content of the end user’s response to either renew or cancel the order

Step 4

Issue a notification when the order is ready to be collected

Introducing SMS communication into the process has yielded substantial benefits, removing the need for a dedicated team to manage the order approval process. The organisation now issues a message advising that the replenishment order has been generated, which also contains options for the customer to respond to either approve or reject the order.

Rejected orders are simply cancelled, whilst orders that are approved can be submitted for processing, with a final SMS notification being sent to the customer advising when the order is ready for collection.

Benefits to your business

Automate order approvals to remove manual burden

Proactive notifications advising customer when orders ready for collection

Example Applications

Pharmacies - prescriptions

Opticians - contact lenses

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