Service Continuity – Instant Authentication

Automate validation of 'flagged' transactions

An organisation responsible for the security of its customers’ transactions, flags any 'suspect' transactions that may not been performed by the customer. Customers are then required to telephone the organisation to provide personal security details in order to validate the transaction and this presents a problem if the customer cannot get through, prior to the transaction validation period expiring.

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Instant Authentication process

Step 1

Trigger a message to customer containing details of the transaction requiring approval

Step 2

Provide options for the customer response to authorise the transaction

Step 3

Send further messages requesting personal security details from the customer

Step 4

Use the content of the customer’s responses to complete the transaction

Boomerang’s patented SMS messaging was introduced to manage the verification process. Any transactions requiring verification trigger a message to the customer, requesting some account specific security clearance data.  Responding directly to the SMS with the requested information allows the customer to complete the transaction without delay.  Where invalid security information provided, the customer is then prompted to contact the organisation with a direct contact number and transaction reference provided in the return message.

Benefits to your business

Speed up authentication of transactions to allow completion when required

Automated approach to transaction validation – removing burden from customer

Apply the required 'layers' of security based on specific transactions using multiple messages 

Example Applications

Current account transactions

Credit card transactions

Trading / Brokerage account transactions

Online shopping accounts

Customer Experience Management

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  • Instant Authentication

  • Fast Tracking Payments

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