Service Continuity – Fast Tracking Payments

Automating completion of customer transactions remotely

An organisation offering facilities to customers requiring payment from the customer after the service had been provided wanted to reduce the manual input required to complete the transaction. The process required the customer to be present for the transaction to be processed, which created an administrative burden for the organisation and unnecessary waiting time for the customer.

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Fast Tracking Payments process

Step 1

Send an SMS message to the customer containing transaction details with response option to process the transaction

Step 2

Use customer’s response as authorisation to process the transaction

Step 3

Issue SMS receipt confirming payment details

An SMS containing a statement of  services provides and associated costs is now sent to the customer, an hour before the end of the rental period.  The message requests that the customer responds to the message,providing authorisation to process the payment and a second message is sent to the customer confirming that the transaction has been completed.

Benefits to your business

Reduce waiting times by completing transactions remotely via SMS

Reduce the administration burden automating payment processing

Example Applications

Hotels - Fast check out

Car rental – Fast return

Equipment hire – Fast return

Car servicing – Fast collection

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