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Boomerang’s turnkey solution for global contact centres

Boomerang has developed an interactive, digital messaging solution to help contact centres drive down their operational costs and deliver a more consistent approach to the management of customer facing services. It can be deployed immediately, without the need for complex integration and offers a simple yet intuitive interface, allowing organisations to build custom triage workflows and automate the management of service requests.

The solution leverages the penetration and convenience of SMS. Customers can raise support requests or enquiries by text and are guided through an automated ‘Q&A’ process via SMS, which helps the organisation to pinpoint the nature of the request. If the enquiry cannot be addressed automatically using this process, an email report summarising the Q&A is submitted to the relevant department, enabling an agent to follow up armed with qualified information. The solution also utilises Boomerang’s Email-2-SMS capability, which allows an agent to interact with the customer via SMS, directly from their email client.


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Step 1

Organisation builds triage workflows, each linked to an inbound SMS number. The SMS number is published to customers

Step 2

The customer sends a text message to the inbound SMS number containing the requested keyword

Step 3

The relevant triage workflow is activated on receipt of the message and steps the customer through an automated Q&A process to identify the nature of the request. The information required to resolve a request is provided where possible

Step 4

If the request is not resolved or if the customer requests direct contact with an agent, a report containing a summary of the interaction is triggered to the relevant department

Step 5

An agent contacts the customer at the time and via communication method specified in the triage report.  The qualified information provided to the agent helps to reduce the resolution time as the agent is suitably prepared
The automated SMS triage can operate 24 / 7.  It can handle multiple calls simultaneously and is resilient enough to cope with long or short time lapses between customers’ answers.

Benefits to your customer

Provides choice by offering an alternative channel of engagement

Offers convenience by allowing the customer to decide how and when they respond

Issues can be resolved or information provided to the customer without waiting in call queues or waiting for an email response

A record of information relating to the request is stored on the customer’s device for future reference to prevent recurring enquiries

The customer can be directed to an agent at any point within the process

Resolution times are reduced as the agent is prepared to deal with the request before contacting the customer

Benefits to your organisation

A consistent approach to the management of customer facing services

Substantial reduction in operating costs by alleviating demand on contact centre resources

Simple to deploy and no complex integration requirements

Ensure compliance with SLA response times

Reduction in issue resolution times as customer requests can be prioritised and agents are prepared before contacting the customer

Provides a 2-way communication tool for proactive customer engagement

Customer Experience Management

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