Technology Deployment

Introducing a proactive approach to issue management for technical installations

Service or equipment installations at a customer’s home or work environment are fraught with potential issues due to lack of control over unknown external factors or conditions that can make each job different. It is therefore important for an organisation to safeguard the customer against any potential issues by adopting proactive approach to issue prevention.

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Technology deployment

`` Engineer following up customer visit ``

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9:41 AM
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  • Today 06:49

Introducing Boomerang’s messaging solution allows an organisation to issue a message to its technical engineers, reminding them to follow up each site visit to ensure that there are no problems with the service or hardware. The engineer then contacts each customer and responds to the corresponding message, confirming that the customer has been reached. If there are any issues that the engineer cannot resolve, a different response value is submitted which triggers an alert to the appropriate business function to resolve or to schedule another visit.

Benefits to your business

Proactive identification of issues to alleviate customer dissatisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction metrics

Example Applications

Hardware installations

Installation of technical measuring equipment

Software or service installations


  • Enhancing The Capability Of Existing Software Solution

  • Supporting critical IT Infrastructure

  • Managing IT Resource

  • Technology Development

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