Multi-Channel Messaging

With the ability to select choose and escalate your automated outbound communications across Email, Voice, SMS and Push Messaging and manage replies across the same, you are one step closer to unifying your digital communications footprint.

This in turn provides your customers and staff with the ability to communicate over the device of their choice, ensuring those communications flow seamlessly and automatically when engaged.

Multi channel messaging SMS applications Boomerang







Messaging Applications

  • 1way 2way messaging applications SMS Boomerang

    1-Way & 2-Way

  • Email 2 SMS Messaging Boomerang

    Email 2 SMS Messaging

  • Intelligent 2 way messaging SMS applications Boomerang

    Intelligent 2-way Messaging

  • Inbound messaging SMS applications Boomerang

    Inbound Messaging Campaigns

  • Multi channel messaging SMS applications Boomerang

    Multi-Channel Messaging

  • null

    Critical Alerting & Escalation

  • null

    International Campaigns

  • null

    Microsoft Outlook & OMS Messaging