Digital Messaging Applications
Boomerang provides a comprehensive range of messaging applications designed to suit the needs of your business.
1way 2way messaging applications SMS Boomerang

1-Way & 2-Way Message Broadcasting

Instant delivery of your multi-channel, global messaging.

Email 2 SMS Messaging Boomerang

Email 2 SMS Messaging

2-Way SMS and Voice messaging from your email client.

Intelligent 2 way messaging SMS applications Boomerang

Intelligent 2-way Messaging

Add automation into your business communication workflow.

Inbound messaging SMS applications Boomerang

Inbound Messaging Campaigns

Create inbound message campaigns with long or short numbers.

Multi channel messaging SMS applications Boomerang

Multi-Channel Messaging

Extend reach across multiple digital communication channels.


Critical Alerting & Escalation

Automate the escalation of notifications and alerts.


International Campaigns

Create 2-way digital messaging campaigns.


Microsoft Outlook and OMS Messaging

Connect Microsoft Services to SMS and voice messaging