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The ultimate customer-care support solution

Automate customer engagements and improve the management of call centre communications by creating dynamic communication flows over SMS, Email and Voice that empower customers to self-serve and fulfil, whilst reducing reliance on the telephone.

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Automate customer engagements and improve the management of call centre communications

Define the customer journeys based on a series of questions and answers relating to different support topics, all managed from a single UI.

Dynamic communication workflows

Boomerang’s solutions in a call centre will improve customer experience and:

  • Reduce the frustration of wait times and queues
  • Offer a choice of methods by which they can engage
  • Accelerate the resolution of urgent or critical requests
  • Automate the resolution of common or recurring enquires
  • Allow customers to self-serve
  • Provide information that can be stored on device for future reference

An alternative to “hanging on the telephone”

As adoption is simple, your organisation can quickly:

  • Reduce the volume of incoming calls to reduce operating costs
  • Provide a cost effective 24/7 support service
  • Easily prioritise urgent or critical enquiries to reduce resolution times
  • Integrate communications with CRM or call centre software
  • Roll out to staff (office based or working remotely) with minimal training
  • Improve the efficiency of enquiry management

One price, multiple use cases

Many different parts of the business can utilise this capability

  • Low risk investment serving multiple solutions
  • Easy to control and fully self-managed
  • Minimal investment delivering a respectable ROI

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers love us and so will you.

Affordable pricing for any size organisation

Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started.

Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.03 per message.

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