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Alan Dye, Sales and Marketing

Director, Boomerang

SMS remains the most penetrative messaging channel of the modern era – yet many businesses still fail to leverage its rich potential. One statistic to point to the yield of SMS is that the average open rate for an SMS message is a whopping 98%. So how can businesses in almost every industry use SMS to transform processes, drive efficiencies and enhance the customer experience?

Barbara NogueiraBarbara was recently appointed Marketing Manager here at Boomerang.

After moving to England from France, Barbara learnt her trade at London Metropolitan University; gaining a BA (Hons) degree in Advertising, Marketing, Communications & Public Relations. Along with completing various Marketing internships, Barbara has built an impressive CV in a short period of time.

bottle Following on from his first instalment last month, Boomerang’s CEO, Peter Tanner, picks up on where he left off, with his thoughts on effective response methods to critical incidents.The new communications manual: automateThe rapidly-evolving technology landscape has, of course, provided more modern means of communication; SMS, email, mobile and social media have extended communications pathways and each present powerful mechanisms for real-time, instant messaging. But, despite being strengthened by a whole raft of communications channels, incident management processes are all-too-often dependent on a monologue, where there is little or no interaction between either party. These models are a hostage to fortune – and, as incident resolution times naturally extend, they can potentially cost a fortune too.

MP900438629If anyone needed re-affirming on the potential of CRM technology, then Gartner’s recent forecast most certainly accomplished that.The forecast states that ‘CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years’ and its prediction that CRM software revenue will reach $23.9* million this year is indicative of the continued potential for the technology.

imagesThe national charity providing support to victims and witnesses of crime, Victim Support, has deployed Boomerang’s innovative SMS messaging technology to provide faster and more efficient two-way communications with the people it helps. We caught up with Iain McCaskey, Information Resources Manager, Victim Support about how the technology is working for them.

When it comes to organising a companies communication methods used in critical situations, there are many different management strategies you can adopt. One of the most important decisions you can make is what type of approach you’ll take on in regards to communication, escalation and alerting. For many businesses, managing by exception is the perfect way to intelligently allocate resources to save time and expenses. Here are the main advantages:fire_fighters